NingboRoadsan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Roadsan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has more than 30 kinds of products sold, not only avant-garde superior and excellent quality and reasonable price. All products are lithium battery powered, so zero pollution, zero emissions, compared to conventional lead-acid batteries, our products more lightweight and convenient, and efficient.Our main products are electric bike,electric scooter,electric motorcycle,electric unicycle, folding electric bike.

application Application
Roadsanuse green technologies to reduce global pollution and alleviate city trafficcongestion, make more unimpeded roads, more pleasant globe and better life. Compared with thetraditional lead-acid battery,  our company’s products much easier and moreconvenient.
new productNew Products
 Roadsan includes electricbike, electric motorcycle and so on. The products are simple in design, powerful, chic and environment friendly. Moreover, the products are sporty,forceful, pragmatic and zero-emission.
Roadsanhave perfect equipment support to guarantee of product quality, highlyefficient team to guarantee of technology innovation. And have much outstandingemployees offer first-class service to customers. Customer’s satisfaction isour motivation to continue moving forward. 
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